Laureta & Regol

Wedding Photo Yogyakarta

Lokasi Wedding : Stone House, Bantul Yogyakarta oleh @airwantyantoproject

Pernikahan Adat Jawa – Javanese Wedding – Traditional Wedding – Yogyakarta Wedding

We remember, Laureta and Regol Wedding is one of an example for a touching and intimate wedding. We felt deep love, warmth, and joyfulness. Start with quick traditional ceremony and a really simple decoration that blend with surrounding, so it created great ambiance, continued with touching wedding vow, ceremony and fun after party with DJ.

Laureta & Regol Wedding Preparation Photos by @airwantyantoproject

Laureta & Regol Yogyakarta Traditional Wedding Ceremony Photos by @airwantyantoproject

Laureta & Regol Yogyakarta Wedding Beauty Photos by @airwantyantoproject

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